Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Editorial Shoot Spring / Summer 2012.

I have been planning this shoot for a while now with so many hiccups, difficulties, stress and I am sure I have been driving Kristen M Stuart nuts too. All  the many months of planning finally came to a head.

The morning started off with a full hair and makeup session with celebrity hairstylist Neeko at Salon Sessions. We have been working together for a long time and I consider him a person team member hairstylist with eye for the right look on the model and a willingness to try something new. 

Queenga my model was a joy to work with high energy and a flare for life she brought it when ever I needed it and knows how to laugh at her own self and not take life so seriously. 

I had a cart service arranged to drive us around on our 200 acres location. It was a great day with a lot great shots and fun for everyone. 

I had to give special thinks to everyone in my team. Sparkle, Alyssa, Neeko, Phoung My, Kristen, Jeffery, Jun, Marie, Andrew and Faithe. I would like to also give special thanks to my family. all the PR people, The Dew Agency, and companies that supported us.   

No model can resist the In & Out!

This editorial will be out soon, be on the look out this S/S 2012!

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