Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Newest Editorial Featured 3 different covers in Tatalum Magazine May 2012!

Publication & Cover Story by Tantalum Magazine May 2012 issue 9
Lady Monarch by Mike Nguyen©

This editorial was a idea I had envisioned back in  2010, when a friend of mind bough his first LCD projector after he plugged it we watched some images and movies,  I quickly realized this would be great for a editorial. Even years before that I had always wanted to do a shoot with a projector type tool that can show locations in aways that reminds you of the old 50-60s movies with people driving in cars and a projection of roadways. But due to the fact I was a staring out as a part time photographer on the weekends, spare time, little to no budget, buying our own wardrobe from department stores and no agencies to pull models from and a small team. This idea of mine was put on the back burner. Now here we are 2012 and with all the right key elements in play. I am able to bring you Lady Monarch. 

Team credits 
Creative Drector: Mike Nguyen 
 Photographer: Mike Nguyen
 Wardrobe Stylist: Kristen M Stuart
Model: Lucy Lucy McIntosh @ Photogenics 
Makeup: Leibi Carias
Hairstylist: Dano Abriol, 
Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Jammie Chasteen and Brittney Moore
Hair Stylist assisted Josh, Peter, and Leibi
 Retoucher Mike Nguyen
 All clothing credits are as followed.
 Furne One Amato Couture (clothing) and Shoes for the Stars (shoes)

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