Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mike Nguyen (aka.) Modern Warfare 3.wmv

My hobbies besides photography, spans well across the board from painting, scalping, computer modding, photoshop, break dancing, and the occasional first person shooter action packed gaming experiences.

My competitive nature never lets me settle for second best. As you can see in this video clip I made, I usually rank in the top 3 in my Modern Warfare 3 Pc online multiple player battles.

I usually use the P90 with Rapidfire / extended clip and Mp9 with the akimbo / extended mag. My perks are usually Extreme condition pro / Blast shield pro / Stalker pro. This combination doesn't always work for every battle scenario but for Drop zone for the most part is quick, light, and deadly.

Every now and then I will post some MW3 videos soon. :)

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