Monday, May 7, 2012

My pick for camera Straps 2012 the BLACKRAPID RS-7

After much review, I when ahead and bought the Black Rapid RS7 with FastenR-3 Curved Camera Strap RS-7 with the Brad attachment. While doing much of my researching for the best canon after market strips I found the RS7 meets all current needs for control stability and features. I truly love the one center locking join with the over the shoulder sling design and Brad's under arm locking system. I like the lock in place clamps on the front and back, helps you lock in place your heavy expensive gear from to much swaying, which on cheaper brands would eventually cause more dings and dents.

 There is only a few issues I have found is I 'm not very thrilled about the locking clip design in the back. It's wide open design leaves room for someone to easy disconnect your buckle from your back side, but for an additional $10 bucks you can get the Velcro cover mod Buck.  As any marketing ploy the company will try to nickle and dime you to death with all the detailed attachment, (mods) features offering no real combo pack options besides the RS 5 cargo even then that seems to be more of a cumbersome travel strap then a good all around streamlined pro strap like the RS7. The pricing is still a little steep for camera strap but in the end spending a $100 for a strip plus strip accessories in the end it will pay off in protecting your investment.

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